Courtney & Ken | Westwood Country Club Wedding

Country_Club_Wedding_001_WEBAs Nathan and I drove into Cleveland from Ontario, the weather looked ominous. As we approached the city, it poured. I grimaced. Really? I thought. That’s an Ohio Autumn for you! Nathan and I have been supremely blessed that very rarely do we actually shoot IN the rain. It might rain before and after… but RARELY right when we need to take pictures.

So it was for Courtney and Ken’s lovely day! I kept watching the weather on my phone for Rocky River as we pulled up to Courtney and Ken’s apartment in downtown Cleveland. “It says scattered showers in Rocky River, and it’s currently NOT rainy there now!” I stated, as we hurriedly ran through another downpour to get undercover.

Shortly after our stop at their apartment, we headed to Westwood Country Club. We pulled up to Westwood the downpour slowed to a trickle. Ha! I stared at the sky as I got out of the car… this is going to be grrrreat!!! (Remember me… the perpetual wedding day optimist!) Sure enough, right after a beautiful indoor ceremony, the clouds parted and we were able to shoot outside for most of the portraits! So blessed!

Courtney and Ken’s wedding day was just as lovely and thoughtful as they are! It was full of so much meaning and genuine caring for those in their lives! They had a contagious excitement to finally be Mr. and Mrs. and that enthusiasm overflowed all day! Even the hired vendors felt like we  were a very special to both Courtney and Ken.

Courtney and Ken! We hope you had an AMAZING time on your honeymoon!!! Here’s a just a little peak at all the great shots that are coming your way! Thanks for being so flexible with these two crazy-brained photographers! And most of all, thanks for inviting us to be a part of your celebration!

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Reception :: Westwood Country Club | Rocky River, Ohio

Ceremony :: Westwood Country Club | Rocky River, Ohio

The Dress :: The Gown Shop | Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bridesmaids Dresses :: Something White Bridal | Independence, Ohio

Tux/Suites :: Men’s Warehouse

Shoes :: D S W

Florist :: Vase 2 Vase

Makeup and Hair :: Dino Palmieri

Caterer :: Westwood Country Club | Rocky River, Ohio

Cake :: Wildflower Bakery

MC :: T K O Entertainment


  1. Sharon Maistros
    12th Oct 2013

    Just fabulous!

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