Paula & Trevor | Gish Barn of Ohio Engagement

Paula_Trevor_000_blog_WEBYears before I met and married Nathan, he and Paula were good friends and  coworkers. Such good friends, in fact, that they even took dancing lessons together! I attended the dance recital!  I became fast friends with Paula (in spite of her dancing with my soon-to-be boyfriend ;-)).

Time passed. Nathan moved to Ohio and we got married! Paula took her writing skills to new heights and wrote a book about relationships and boys! We looked forward to the day our friend would find the real man of her dreams!

Enter Prince Charming (or commonly called Trevor)! We were THRILLED to hear a ring was involved AND they wanted us to photograph their wedding this October!

On a trip from Indiana, en route to New York. We happened to be the convenient Ohio rest stop. So this session was planed with a prayer that the weather would cooperate for evening photos at the Gish Barn and property. The session couldn’t have turned out better for these two perfect-for-each-other love birds!

Meet our friends Paula (the writer/editor) and Trevor (the account)! Nothing makes us happier to have our friends on the blog! It’s going to be a fabulous wedding celebration! We can’t wait to see you both again in October!

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  1. Pat B
    10th Jun 2015

    Amanda & Nathan, you did a fabulous job capturing Paula and Trevor! Thanks for sharing! I double wish I could go to the wedding now ~ to see you both, as well. 🙂

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