Jessica & Tim | Lima Ohio Engagement

Jessica_Tom_010_WEB Jessica and Tim are such genuine souls. We so enjoyed hanging out with them a little bit before their wedding! Getting to know our couples ahead of their wedding and learning the little things that make their relationship special, is one of the highlights of our job! 

We began their Lima Ohio engagement session in the youth room of the church where Jess and Tim hang out and serve together. It’s always been important to us for our couples to know that if a location, or particular items hold special meaning in their relationship, we want to know about it! Spending so much time together serving kids in that youth room is and has been an important part of the of their relationship!

Visiting and photographing Jessica and Tim marked the beginning of our busy season! It had gotten us all ramped-up for many sessions throughout the remainder of the summer. We so enjoy it, that it almost feels more like a “double-date” than work! We like that!

Jess and Tim, thanks for making time in your schedule for us! We so enjoyed our time together, getting to know you both before your wedding day! Here are some of our favorites from your engagement session!

Jessica_Tom_015_WEB Jessica_Tom_022_WEB Jessica_Tom_027_WEB Jessica_Tom_030_WEB Jessica_Tom_031_WEB Jessica_Tom_036_WEB Jessica_Tom_045_WEB Jessica_Tom_047_WEB Jessica_Tom_050_WEB Jessica_Tom_055_WEB Jessica_Tom_061_WEB Jessica_Tom_062_WEB Jessica_Tom_063_WEB Jessica_Tom_064_WEB Jessica_Tom_069_WEB Jessica_Tom_072_WEB Jessica_Tom_074_WEB Jessica_Tom_088_WEB Jessica_Tom_089_WEB Jessica_Tom_095_WEB Jessica_Tom_096_WEB Jessica_Tom_103_WEB Jessica_Tom_105_WEB Jessica_Tom_108_WEB Jessica_Tom_111_WEB Jessica_Tom_112_WEB Jessica_Tom_118_WEB Jessica_Tom_121_WEB

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