Krista & Mike | O’Neil House Engagement


O'Neil House Akron Ohio EngagementThe O’Neil House in Akron, Ohio was a fitting spot for this lovely couple. It’s century old charm and elegance make it the perfect backdrop for engagement photos! We get excited for any chance to shoot here!

Krista and Mike drove up from Columbus under a cloudy sky. Most of the session remained overcast until the very end. Just before the sun sank beneath the horizon, it peaked out for some sunny portraits!

As you’ll see right away, Krista and Mike are very much in love and perfect together! They where very flexible and willing to try anything we suggested. We’re looking forward to becoming better acquainted and can’t wait to celebrate Krista and Mike’s wedding, later! These favorites are just a preview of all the goodness to come!

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  1. Bess Ramirez
    17th Jun 2015

    Kristen & Mike’s pictures are absolutely beautiful. You caught the true essence of their love and devotion, as well as the fun side of their relationship. I can’t wait to see the wedding photos. Just breathtaking.

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