Shannon & Brian | Kent State Engagement

Kent State EngagementThere’s a story about a random meeting and box of pizza that first connected these two on the Kent State campus. That was just the beginning of what would later become a great friendship! Soon they’ll exchange “I dos.”

We frequently shoot around the Kent State campus, but is was especially vibrant the evening of our session with Shannon and Brain! It could have been wet and dreary and we still would have felt cozy with them! They had this infections connection throughout our session. In spite of a little “admitted” camera nerves, they seemed SO comfortable in their skin and “at home” together that we found ourselves wanting to hang out with Shannon and Brian more. Oh wait! We get to! Their wedding is this September and we can’t wait to be there and celebrate with them!

Often these sessions with another couple feel like a double date on a gorgeous evening, and then we think to ourselves how blessed we are to do this for a living! Thank you Shannon and Brian for being to kind and easy going! You are gorgeous together! Looking forward to this Fall!

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