Samantha & Brett | Holden Arboretum Wedding

Holden Arboretum WeddingEvery wedding we photograph involves two beautiful people committing themselves to one another surrounded by family and friends. This alone is a special thing we get to observe nearly every weekend, but it was especially true of Samantha and Brett’s Pine Ridge Country Club wedding celebration! These two beautiful people meant a lot to a lot of people! It was truly a day set aside to celebrate, not only Samantha and Brett’s relationship, but their relationship with all of their family and friends too!

Samantha and Brett had been friends for awhile in school before it occurred to them, much later, that they were meant to be together. Their friendship over time grew, not just romantic, but also deeply secure, like two old souls together. Much the same as two wanderers who find their home in one another.

From the intimate ceremony at Holden Arboretum to the sparkler exit from Pine Ridge Country Club, I don’t think I once saw Sam’s face without a beaming smile! You can tell in every images, they are overjoyed to be together. This is something that we love to capture… that spark!

Samantha’s wedding stone: the mystic fire topaz, beautifully encompasses almost the entire rainbow in color! We loved how that colorful stone represented so much about Samantha and Brett’s relationship.

We hope this remains true of their marriage, that every step of their journey together remains just as bright and vibrant as the day it all began!

And without further adieu: a visual recap of the day…


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