Aleks & Rob | Peninsula Ohio Engagement

Aleks_Rob_010_WEBMeet Aleks and Rob! This lovely couple were troopers as we photographed their Peninsula Ohio engagement session in some of the hottest and stickiest weather this summer! We all needed to hop back into our cars for a blast of air conditioning before the next location! In spite of the heat our session turned out great!

We have photographed many times in the lovely town of Peninsula, and every time we do, there is always more to explore and places to discover! From the nature trail to the quaint village buildings, it seems to never end. We usually have to stop because it’s getting too dark! Aleks and Rob were gorgeous together, and were so easy to photograph, that we had more than enough photos in a fairly short time, leaving much more to explore next time we’re in town.

**Disclaimer: The shot of them SO close to the water was entirely their idea! I don’t think I could asked anyone to get so close, *gulp* like I said, they’re troopers!

We can’t wait for the soon arrival of your wedding!!! And without further ado… Some of our favorites…

Aleks_Rob_016_WEB Aleks_Rob_018_WEB Aleks_Rob_019_WEB Aleks_Rob_020_WEB Aleks_Rob_047_WEB Aleks_Rob_055_WEB Aleks_Rob_060_WEB Aleks_Rob_063_WEB Aleks_Rob_064_WEB Aleks_Rob_072_WEB Aleks_Rob_077_WEB Aleks_Rob_078_WEB Aleks_Rob_085_WEB Aleks_Rob_087_WEB Aleks_Rob_090_WEB Aleks_Rob_098_WEB Aleks_Rob_101_WEB Aleks_Rob_105_WEB Aleks_Rob_108_WEB Aleks_Rob_123_WEB Aleks_Rob_132_WEB Aleks_Rob_135_WEB Aleks_Rob_139_WEB Aleks_Rob_143_WEB Aleks_Rob_151_WEB Aleks_Rob_153_WEB Aleks_Rob_155_WEB Aleks_Rob_162_WEB Aleks_Rob_173_WEB Aleks_Rob_175_WEB

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