Angela & Matt | Pittsburgh Engagement

Angela_Matt_000a_WEBWe had been looking forward to Angela and Matt’s Pittsburgh engagement session all summer! Angela booked us over a year ago and had been avidly following us since! Not only were we excited to meet these two and photograph them together, but driving to Pittsburgh provided, for us a much needed day retreat as a couple! We did a little shopping, visited Amanda’s sister, and stayed at the best little bed and breakfast we have ever seen! It was wonderful!

… and so were Angela and Matt; wonderful, that is. They truly are perfect for each other and totally ROCKED their engagement session! It was so nice to hang out with them, and get to know them a bit more before their big day! Wedding days are not the best for getting acquainted, so we love that an engagement session provides a time to build relationship! We are so, SO looking forward to their gorgeous wedding next year at the Stambaugh Auditorium! You need to keep following us people, because this one’s going to be phenomenal!

Besides getting to hang with these two amazing people, the evening of their  session had it all. It was calling for rain, but ended up being perfect until the very end of their session, with the sun peaking through for just about 5 minutes somewhere in the middle. You’ll notice the warmth and glow of those portraits right away!

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