Kristina & Ryan | Cuyahoga Valley Ohio Engagement

Kristina_Ryan_002_WEBIt wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but Kristina had her eye on Ryan from nearly the first time they met. Throughout college the friendship eventually grew into much more. It began when Kristina was looking forward to a date with some OTHER guy. Now being “just friends” wasn’t good enough for Ryan, and something had to change! She never went on that date, and the rest is history! A gorgeous wedding is now on the calendar for 2016!

Our Cuyahoga Valley Ohio Engagement session with Kristina and Ryan took place on a beautiful summer evening. The Valley had been a favorite location for the two of them from the start of their relationship, and even though it had been a while since their last visit, it was the right place to have their pictures taken. As sun sunk behind the horizon at the end of our session, it really dazzled the landscape in glorious light and made for some very romantic portraits!

We can’t wait till Kristina and Ryan’s wedding day! They are so naturally beautiful together, we had a great time with getting better acquainted! Thanks guys!

Here’s a few of our favorite moments from our evening together! Enjoy!

Kristina_Ryan_003_WEB Kristina_Ryan_005_WEB Kristina_Ryan_009_WEB Kristina_Ryan_020_WEB Kristina_Ryan_021_WEB Kristina_Ryan_032_WEB Kristina_Ryan_038_WEB Kristina_Ryan_039_WEB Kristina_Ryan_041_WEB Kristina_Ryan_044_WEB Kristina_Ryan_058_WEB Kristina_Ryan_064_WEB Kristina_Ryan_067_WEB Kristina_Ryan_070_WEB Kristina_Ryan_072_WEB Kristina_Ryan_073_WEB Kristina_Ryan_079_WEB Kristina_Ryan_086_WEB Kristina_Ryan_089_WEB Kristina_Ryan_100_WEB Kristina_Ryan_102_WEB Kristina_Ryan_107_WEB Kristina_Ryan_110_WEB Kristina_Ryan_112_WEB Kristina_Ryan_115_WEB Kristina_Ryan_116_WEB Kristina_Ryan_117_WEB Kristina_Ryan_118_WEB Kristina_Ryan_121_WEB Kristina_Ryan_122_WEB Kristina_Ryan_124_WEB Kristina_Ryan_125_WEB

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