Caitlin & Greg | Boardman Ohio Engagement

Caitlin_Greg_015_WEBMeeting Caitlin and Greg at Caitlin’s parents Boardman Ohio home was such a pleasure! We love shooting on private property, first, because it’s unique, and second, because it really gives us a personal glimpse into the history of our couples, to see part of their lifestyle and heritage.

The home’s surounding landscape was really a perfect portrait location with so many intersting textures, colors, and backgrounds. They even planed a creative save-the-date idea that we can’t show you yet!

After pictures at mom and dad’s, we went to another beautiful property that, again, just fit Caitlin and Greg perfectly with it’s gorgeous manicured outdoor spaces and plenty of variety for their engagement pictures,

Caitlin met Greg in college and now they are planning their life together as Mr. and Mrs. next October! We are so excited for their rustic wedding colored in champagne and cranberry! If these pictures are any indication, we’re sure their wedding will have the same amount of energy, chemistry, and love as their engagement photos!

Caitlin_Greg_017_WEB Caitlin_Greg_021_WEB Caitlin_Greg_022_WEB Caitlin_Greg_036_WEB Caitlin_Greg_046_WEB Caitlin_Greg_047_WEB Caitlin_Greg_049_WEB Caitlin_Greg_051_WEB Caitlin_Greg_052_WEB Caitlin_Greg_057_WEB Caitlin_Greg_060_WEB Caitlin_Greg_061_WEB Caitlin_Greg_065_WEB Caitlin_Greg_066_WEB Caitlin_Greg_068_WEB Caitlin_Greg_069_WEB Caitlin_Greg_070_WEB Caitlin_Greg_077_WEB Caitlin_Greg_080_WEB Caitlin_Greg_081_WEB Caitlin_Greg_083_WEB Caitlin_Greg_097_WEB Caitlin_Greg_100_WEB Caitlin_Greg_104_WEB Caitlin_Greg_106_WEB Caitlin_Greg_108_WEB Caitlin_Greg_112_WEB Caitlin_Greg_116_WEB Caitlin_Greg_125_WEB Caitlin_Greg_127_WEB Caitlin_Greg_132_WEB Caitlin_Greg_135_WEB Caitlin_Greg_137_WEB Caitlin_Greg_140_WEB Caitlin_Greg_143_WEB Caitlin_Greg_145_WEB

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