Krista & Mike |The Georgetown Youngstown Ohio Wedding

Millcreek Park The Georgetown Youngstown Ohio WeddingBefore we show you photos of a lovely reception at The Georgetown, we must go back a few months before the wedding…

The first time I had the honor of Krista and Mike in front of my camera was for their engagement session at The O’Neil House in Akron! They trusted us with location selection and it turned out to be a perfect match! And fine subjects they were indeed!

When the long awaited wedding day arrived in the flurry of activity, Krista looked at us and said, “whatever you guys want to do!” Both of them were so flexible and willing to do anything! Of course Millcreek Park was a great portrait choice on their part and we took full advantage of it’s gorgeous landscape!

Krista was a stunning bride (Mike looked alright too ;-)!  Her choice of purple hues decked the wedding party in a regal fashion. Every detail: from the beautiful home used for preparation, to the elegantly decorated reception hall, was perfectly arranged and coordinated!

We especially enjoyed the live band! They played quite well together and kept the house rocking most of the night!

Krista and Mike, we were honored to be a part of your beautiful wedding! Thank you for inviting us! Here are a few of our favorite images from your day, we wish you the very best as your continue your life journeys together!

Krista_Mike_04_WEB Krista_Mike_05_WEB Krista_Mike_06_WEB Krista_Mike_07_WEB Krista_Mike_12_WEB Krista_Mike_15_WEB Krista_Mike_19_WEB Krista_Mike_25_WEB Krista_Mike_26_WEB Krista_Mike_27_WEB Krista_Mike_28_WEB Krista_Mike_29_WEB Krista_Mike_32_WEB Krista_Mike_33_WEB Krista_Mike_37_WEB Krista_Mike_38_WEB Krista_Mike_39_WEB Krista_Mike_40_WEB Krista_Mike_41_WEB Krista_Mike_43_WEB Krista_Mike_44_WEB Krista_Mike_46_WEB Krista_Mike_47_WEB Krista_Mike_48_WEB Krista_Mike_49_WEB Krista_Mike_50_WEB Krista_Mike_51_WEB Krista_Mike_52_WEB Krista_Mike_53_WEB Krista_Mike_54_WEB Krista_Mike_55_WEB Krista_Mike_56_WEB Krista_Mike_57_WEB Krista_Mike_62_WEB Krista_Mike_64_WEB Krista_Mike_70_WEB Krista_Mike_71_WEB Krista_Mike_73_WEB Krista_Mike_75_WEB Krista_Mike_78_WEB Krista_Mike_80_WEB Krista_Mike_83_WEB Millcreek Park The Georgetown Youngstown Ohio Wedding Krista_Mike_86_WEB Krista_Mike_87_WEB Millcreek Park The Georgetown Youngstown Ohio Wedding Krista_Mike_90_WEB Krista_Mike_92_WEB Krista_Mike_93_WEB Krista_Mike_96_WEB Krista_Mike_97_WEB Krista_Mike_98_WEB Krista_Mike_99_WEB Krista_Mike_102_WEB Millcreek Park The Georgetown Youngstown Ohio Wedding Krista_Mike_113_WEB Krista_Mike_115_WEB Millcreek Park The Georgetown Youngstown Ohio Wedding Krista_Mike_122a_WEB Krista_Mike_123_WEB Krista_Mike_125_WEB Krista_Mike_126_WEB Krista_Mike_127_WEB Krista_Mike_129_WEB Krista_Mike_133_WEB Millcreek Park The Georgetown Youngstown Ohio Wedding Krista_Mike_139_WEB Krista_Mike_142_WEB Krista_Mike_147a_WEB Krista_Mike_149_WEB Krista_Mike_152_WEB Millcreek Park The Georgetown Youngstown Ohio Wedding Krista_Mike_154_WEB Krista_Mike_155_WEB Krista_Mike_156_WEB Krista_Mike_157_WEB Krista_Mike_160_WEB Krista_Mike_161_WEB Krista_Mike_162_WEB Krista_Mike_163_WEB Krista_Mike_168_WEB Krista_Mike_169_WEB Krista_Mike_179_WEB Krista_Mike_181_WEB Krista_Mike_186_WEB Krista_Mike_187_WEB Krista_Mike_191_WEB Millcreek Park The Georgetown Youngstown Ohio Wedding Krista_Mike_200_WEB Krista_Mike_201_WEB Krista_Mike_204_WEB Krista_Mike_211_WEB Krista_Mike_217_WEB Krista_Mike_222_WEB Krista_Mike_225_WEB Krista_Mike_226_WEB Krista_Mike_231_WEB Krista_Mike_233_WEB Krista_Mike_234_WEB Krista_Mike_236_WEB Krista_Mike_239_WEB Krista_Mike_243_WEB Krista_Mike_246_WEB Krista_Mike_248_WEB Krista_Mike_250_WEB


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