Micaela & David | Snohomish Washington Wedding

Micaela_David_001b_WEBWe love traveling out to Washington whenever we’re able, not only for our family ties, but to enjoy mountains, evergreens, and sea! Getting to shoot a Snohomish Washington wedding was an extra bonus! We turned it into a mini vacation and were able to reconnect with family and friends as well.

Long before David first inquired about our involvement in the wedding. We got to hear the story of how Micaela and David first met and eventually became engaged. Much prayer, patience and and getting acquainted with one another’s families had led to this wonderful day! We could see the excitement and anticipation of starting married life together and we were honored to be part of it!

Snohomish Washington is a beautiful place for a wedding! Micaela’s family home and property has special significance for several generations! The celebration was a family affair from early planning to final send-off. Everyone jumped in to lend a hand! The property was highlighted with elegant florals, lights and vintage accents. Guests were treated to a homemade deserts, and espresso bar!

Both fathers led the ceremony and shared their support and wisdom for the couple as they tied the knot, ending with special prayers over the new Mr and Mrs.

David and Micaela, we wish you all the best in your life together! May God bless your home and family as you travel the journey of marriage ahead.

We tried to showcase the many unique details and give a peak into this beautiful day! Enjoy these highlights from David and Micaela!


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  1. Julie Flanagan
    30th Jun 2016

    Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures of a very lovely wedding!

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