Kristina & Ryan | Akron Private Estate and Sheraton Wedding

akron ohio weddingKristina and Ryan couldn’t have hand picked a more perfect day to have a wedding! Even though the ceremony and reception were inside, most of our portrait time was outside at Ryan’s family home in Akron.

The two lovers met in a fraternity house in Akron many years before they started dating. Kristina had always secretly like Ryan, and even though it took a while for Ryan to realized how much she liked him, he’s very glad today he finally caught on and asked her out.

Although the ceremony was beautiful and reception gorgeous, Kristina and Ryan’s family and friends are what made for one joyful celebration! We tried to capture a bit of that joy and beauty in these photos from the day.

The grand finale of the evening was a  spectacular choreographed dance to “Hang on Sloopy;” one of the best executed dances we have ever seen! A surprise bit of entertainment for the guests with it’s fantastic dance moves, and audience involvement. It’s hard to go wrong with “Hang On Sloopy” in Ohio, and Ryan, being an avid Ohio sports fan, it was the perfect choice.

Kristina and Ryan, you both were perfect! We’ll look back on your wedding with fond memories and we are so grateful we were invited to be a part of your wedding celebration! We loved “working” with you guys! Enjoy these highlights from your lovely day!


akron ohio wedding

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Kristina_Ryan_840_WEB Kristina_Ryan_848_WEB Kristina_Ryan_958_WEB

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