Sarah & Clint | St. Dominic’s and The Lake Club Wedding

Clint_Sarah_0001_WEBWhat crazy summer weather Ohio has brought us! I’m personally ready for Fall after all this heat and humidity, but I won’t ruin it for all you lovers-of-summer. Wonderful romance and wedding celebrations are a special part of summer at the The Lake Club (regardless of the temperature). Golf isn’t the only thing that happens there!

Sarah and Clint’s wedding day was perfectly lovely in every way! From little details to “I do’s,” it was a day to remember. We couldn’t help smiling as we witnessed vows, photographed celebration and heard memories shared!

Sarah’s family home was the place we started to document preparation for the big day. Dress, jewelry, shoes, invitations and rings are all here for you to see! A tear welled up in our bride’s beautiful eyes as she read a sweet note from her man, and we knew it was going to be an emotional wedding.

Both Nathan and I have many siblings, so we have a special place in our hearts for big families. When you have the kind of connection and love that Sarah and Clint’s families share, its a special day for all. From the very beginning of the day, amid all the hustle and bustle, Sarah’s bridesmaids and Clint’s groomsmen made it very evident how much they loved being a part of their wedding day celebration and showed support in every way possible. It was like being among friends the entire day, everyone made us feel like we were just part of one-big-happy-family!

As festivities continued at the Lake Club, toasts to the couple began. Each person expressing their heart felt appreciation for/to Sarah and Clint, and of course humorous stories to affirm them in the choice they had made. A father’s heart full of pride for a daughter, a sisters’ love, a brother’s affirmation, and many friends with stories to tell!

Before sunset we stepped away from the party for a quite moment with Clint an Sarah. You can see the result near the end of this post. It’s never difficult to find a beautiful background for photos at the The Lake Club! Soon we were headed back inside to dance the night away with family and friends!

We loved every minute of your magical day Sarah and Clint! Thanks you for inviting into your lives to witness this special milestone! Here are some of our favorite moments! Enjoy!

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