Jess & Tom | Married

Gervasi_Wedding0When Jess told me she booked her wedding at Gervasi, without even seeing the venue in person, I wasn’t surprised at all. Gervasi is one of those rare venues that kind of transports you to another country when you’re there. I could have sworn I was in Tuscany the entire day as we explored different places to photograph. It truly was a perfect place for Jess and Tom to get married!

Boasting a vast array of portrait backdrops, Gervasi felt like photographer-heaven! Not only was the landscape and Italian architecture gorgeous, but I think Jess must have sent the sunshine an wedding invitation too! We had umbrellas in our jeep juuuuust in case, but the day couldn’t have been more perfect. Warm July evening, with a lovely partly cloudy sky!

Jess and Tom were so relaxed and casual together in front of the camera. It almost seems like they’ve known each other long before their first meeting in college. They have a familiarity and comfortable, teasing kind of love as if they’ve known each other since childhood. We easily felt as if we fit right in with all the festivities of the day and I am so grateful to everyone for being willing to go anywhere for pictures!…

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Abby & Austin | Married

Brandywine_Wedding000I remember the day I got the text from my cousin. It was in the fall of 2012 “I’m engaged, will you do my wedding photography.” It was almost in the same breath. We looked at the schedule book and came up with a few free dates… and boom! We were booked for my cousin Abby’s wedding on July 6th, 2013.

Here it is, all the painstaking planning, every detail flawlessly executed. The months of planning and dreaming about this day paid off big! Not only for Abby and Austin, but also for everyone involved, all working so hard to make their wedding day just perfect, a true fairytale. From the first moments of the day, to the very last, there was such a cohesive loveliness and warmth from everyone as the ceremony and celebration of these two beautiful people’s love came to fruition after many years of waiting, praying, and hoping!

Their day was a bit overcast, and even rained during some of the photography time, but you can’t tell. NOTHING would dampen the excitement and anticipation of such a GORGEOUS bride (I mean… seriously girl?!?) and beautiful wedding! Going back and forth, from building to photography outside was no problem!…

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Hayley & Chris | Engaged

Cultural-Gardens-Engagement-00When Hayley e-mailed me about possibly doing their engagement photography at Cleveland’s Cultural Gardens along Martin Luther King Blvd, I immediately started “the search” for my favorite spot! After thoroughly inspecting all the amazing gardens, it became apparent that the Italian Cultural Garden was the winner!!! I was in love at first sight! The Italian Garden suited Hayley and Chris PERFECTLY! I am so glad we made time to do this shoot! After many attempts and scheduling difficulties, we finally made it happen. It was SO WORTH IT! Hayley and Chris made the Gardens look GOOD! We can’t wait for their elegant wedding this Saturday…

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Chelsea & Josh | Married

Chelsea_Josh-000Back in May, when I first met Josh at their engagement session, I finally knew what everyone else was talking about! Josh was perfect for Chelsea! I loved seeing them together. Seeing how much they obviously cared for each other and the love they shared. Most of all, I loved seeing my friend so happy! Capturing love stories is so incredible, but it’s especially wonderful when it’s your friend’s love. I am so happy for Chelsea and Josh, and glad to call them both friends!

Chelsea and Josh’s wedding day couldn’t have begun more beautifully! The weather was PERFECT! Earlier in the week, the probable threat of thunderstorms caused a change in plans from an outdoor ceremony and reception, to an indoor ceremony and reception. All the pictures were scheduled to happen at the location the wedding was originally going to be, and I was SO HOPING for their sake that it wouldn’t rain a drop and they could get all their pictures taken outside. We were blessed with GORGEOUS weather, truly perfect, and plenty of time to get all the beautiful shot of Chelsea and Josh they were so hoping for…

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Instagram Goodness | June

June-openSometime its really hard for me to grasp how fast time goes bye. For the most part, it flies so fast I don’t have time to even consider it. This brief review of June was a stark reminder how quickly the month is GONE! Like gone, gone. And it’s so hard for me to believe! It seems like yesterday we were doing the things in these pictures, and poof! We’re in July, starting another month, with four beautiful weddings to celebrate, a road trip, two fabulous date-nights planned, a family wedding, and many, many more pictures of William… *of course!*

Here is a our June recapped for you in Instagram photos! Make sure you follow us at Nathan_Amanda to see all the highlights in store for July!

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Megan & Nick | Married

roses-run-country-club-000Our day started in Megan’s family home with make-up, hair and a few portraits. Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyone getting ready in the excitement of the day, Megan just GLOWED! Admitting to me that she was a little nervous… well nervous-excited as she stepped into her gorgeous dress, she didn’t look nervous at all… just gorgeous! I knew right away that if Megan was a beautiful preview into all that they day had in store it was sure to be one of the loveliest, warmest wedding Nathan and I had ever attended! We were not disappointed!

Golf has been a common theme in Megan and Nick’s over-two-year relationship. They play often and love spending time together on the course. (Nick admitted that he’s still trying to beat her at the game!) It’s no surprise that they choose Roses Run Country Club for this monumental occasion!

The staff of Roses Run was so accommodating, and the ease and relaxation of having everything in one location made a very enjoyable combination! Their outdoor ceremony was set to a backdrop of lush rolling greens and big blue sky! Roses Run knows how to throw a fantastic party and this one was no exception!

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Dani & Ryan | Engaged

Dani_Ryan-000I actually don’t remember when I first met Dani! Reaching back into the archives of my memory, I know we were both kids, our moms were friends, that eventually Dani and my sister Ashleigh would just click, and become best friends. That’s how long ago it was.

So, Dani is my sister’s best friend, partner-in-crime, confidant, and cheerleader… that is, until Ryan came along and quickly swept Dani off her feet! According to Dani, not only did they have much in common, but Ryan was “tall dark and handsome too!!!”

My sister and I couldn’t be happier that God brought Ryan and Dani together AND Nathan and I are super thrilled to be photographing their September 2013 wedding!

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Lindsay & Jacob | Married

Union-Club-Wedding-00-opening2Lindsay and Jacob’s wedding was a whirlwind of blissful happiness! We managed to fit three photo locations in a very short time!

Their ceremony took place in the gorgeous Cathedral of Saint John’s in downtown Cleveland, boasting a long history and amazing architecture! The party began a few blocks away at the prestigious Union Club! In between we stopped at The Arcade and the Cleveland Museum of Art for a few portraits. All these places have two things in common: history and architecture, and they perfectly suited Lindsay and Jake in every way!

Lindsay is loves marketing, and art, and Jake loves architecture and building. In fact, Jake wanted to have photos in the Museum of Art because he helped design the modern atrium addition to the museum… an impressive project!

Every detail of their celebration showcases Lindsay’s style and their personalities. As we stepped into the intricately decorated ballroom of the Union Club it was as though we’d stepped back in time! Gorgeous paintings with rich woodwork everywhere, not to mention the thoughtful detail that Lindsay and Jake added to each table…

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Dan & Katie | The Album

Wedding-Album-008Here is a peek into Dan and Katie’s gorgeous new black bonded leather 12×12 album! One of the things we love about our job is seeing all those wonderful wedding day images come together in a timeless book of memories! A tangible investment that offers future generations a chance to re-live that wonderful day just like the best fairy-tales!

Each album comes standard with 20 spreads/40 sides, and is custom designed by yours truly! Two rounds of alterations are part of each design process. If you’re yet unsure if an album is a worthwhile investment, take just a few minuets to read this article by Kathleen Trenske

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