Amanda & Brandon | Melbourne Florida Wedding

melbourne_wedding_BLOG_000_WEB After such a long harsh winter us vitamin-D-deficient Ohioans were quite eager to feel warm sun again! Many thanks to Amanda and Brandon for inviting us to their wedding in Melbourne FLORIDA! We get a little too excited when someone wants us to travel south for a wedding!

I first met Amanda and Brandon over 10 years ago! We traveled together all over the states with a ministry team. After thousands of miles, life-changing experiences, and several years of travel, it’s safe to say we became more like siblings than teammates.

Time and distance and life changes limited our communication after those years but we’d still check in now and then. Who knew that years later Amanda and Brandon would re-connect, fall in love and tie the knot!?

I was honored to photograph this celebration of commitment and love! Not to sound cliche, but it was clearly meant to be and they are indeed perfect for each other!

We also planned a day-after session with the newlyweds! It was so nice to have…

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Wedding Magazine 2014

Catalog-OpeningWe are excited to announce our newly designed 2014-2015 Studio Wedding Magazine! We’ve been hard at work designing all new materials to amp up our clients’ experience. Here is just a peek at one piece of the many tools we’ll offer our couples to assist them in organizing and planing the perfect wedding!

We couldn’t have accomplished what you see in these images below without the dedicated partnership of so many AMAZING vendors in the wedding industry! It has been a privilege working side-by-side with great talent and artistry over the past year working as Nathan & Amanda Photographers…

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April Goals and Grain-Free Nachos!

healthy_nachosBefore we talk about Nachos, it’s about time that we start posting some of our goals! This is the first time we have ever blogged about what we are accomplishing behind the scenes at Nathan and Amanda Photographers!

We have a weekly planning meeting AND a daily (in our ideal routine) where we review our never ending list, reassign, rewrite, and prioritized continuously. Until our first wedding in April we are hard at work updating our website, welcome packet, and studio catalog. It’s looks so easy typed-out in that short little sentence… it’s not….

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Danielle & Josh | Menning Photographic

Menning001_Opening2WEBDanielle and Josh of Menning Photographic are a talented wedding photography duo from east side of Ohio, but did we meet them in Ohio? No. Once upon a time… about a year ago, we drove all the way to Rome, Georgia for a retreat called CONNECT. We wrote all the details of that AWESOME event in another post, but in short, we rubbed shoulders with many like-minded creative professionals while being encouraged in our marriage! Since the retreat we’ve tried to keep in touch (or as much as wedding photographers can keep up during the busyness of “wedding season”). Even though we aren’t able to attend CONNECT this year, we highly recommend it! Danielle and Josh…

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The Apprentice | Seven Lessons from a Toddler

will08_WEB-openingWilliam is almost two years old!!! TWO! Sorry, it’s a bit shocking to me! Never has my life seemed to page past faster than this chapter on parenting!

Our camera phones are quite familiar with our William’s antics and adorableness, but every now and then we must break out the BIG cameras for a real session. On a recent and unusually warm afternoon we embarked on such a photo shoot. It’s a bit ridiculous how many pictures have been taken of this kid! We can’t help it… it’s part of our value system. Theses days of his life can never be re-lived or taken back! I already look back…

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Tips for Starting a Small Business

Spring-Into-BusinessBeing an entrepreneur at heart, I would start a new small business every week if it was feasibly possible. In reality, managing one business is enough for me right now, and honestly, starting a small business is hard work!

Sometimes we receive emails from people with questions, either about photography in general, operating a business… or both. Today I have decided to share my response to one such e-mail in the hopes that it may prove helpful to you.

My answers come from my own experiences and research. There may be various ways to accomplish starting…

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Happy Anniversary…. to us!!!

AnniversaryYes its our anniversary. Three years ago today… we said, “I do.”

Little did me know what was just around the corner for the both of us as we said those words, in covenant to one another, for better or worse (experienced some of both), for richer or poorer, (been there too), in sickness and health (more sickness) to love and to cherish (always), until death do us part! We are so grateful that we made those promises to each other… because honestly, there have been moments when we doubted the sanity of the choice to marry! Life certainly throws some curve-balls, but we’re here to say…

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Featured Album | Kristin & Seth

Nathan_Amanda_Photo31Kristin and Seth’s Fine Art Wedding Album broke a record here in our studio. This grand collection of Brookside Farm rustic elegance contains the greatest number of page spreads of any album we’ve designed to date! We took the liberty to feature a few more highlights from this album, simply because, it’s nearly twice the size of an average album!

It was such a pleasure working with Kristin’s parents throughout this project. They took their time making sure that the album was just right, and didn’t they do a fabulous job? We LOVE the story it tells through each detail and…

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Madeline | Newborn Photos

Madeline_Newborn-opening_WEBEach time we do a newborn photo session, I am amazed at the simple beauty of those delicate fingers, tiny nose and bright eyes! New life is a treasure I never want to take for granted.

We had the pleasure of meeting Madeline for the first time just days after she entered the world! This beautiful little girl come with a story. A story of trial and triumph, pain and joy. A journey that started with two people who wanted a family. Todd and Lillia have been married for many years and have wanted to start a family for a long time. They’ve chronicled many details of this journey in a blog

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Featured Album | Elise & Doug

ED-Album002-openingWedding book design is often a winter task here at Nathan & Amanda Photography. Since design spreads have been on our brains we thought we’d start off the week with another featured album!

Elise and Doug’s Crystal Brook Farm wedding was perfect in every way! We were honored to capture the ensemble of details so beautifully selected by Elise to celebrate their beautiful wedding!

Of course, we had a blast shooting the wedding party and, as always, our favorite time is those portraits with the couple!

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