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Ashley & Matt | Columbus Engagement

Ashley_Matt001_WEBAshley and Matt make their home in the beautifully historic Columbus Ohio! Naturally we would go there to create some romantic engagement photos.

They were such a laid back and sweet couple, willing to try anything we suggested! As a side note, this session happened when we still had mild weather and a few leaves left on the trees. Ashley’s creativity shown through several wonderful posing ideas, and aren’t their outfits stunning?! From fall foliage to old brick buildings, this Columbus engagement session might just be our favorite session from last year! The end result left us with too many favorites to choose from…

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Jenny & Adam | Cleveland Engagement

Cleveland engagement photosJenny and Adam are the sweetest couple EVER! We so enjoyed hanging our with them in Lakewood and downtown Cleveland! They were so patient with us as we reschedule their engagement session about three times due to changes in the weather… gotta love Ohio eh? Even though we had to wait several weeks for their session to happen, we ended up with the most beautiful evening for their photos!

I love it when the sun is out, and there’s enough light for some warm sunny shots before the clouds of Lake Erie take over (like they so often do!) but then we headed downtown where Jenny and Adam totally ROCKED their…

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Erin & Andrew | Pennsylvania Engagement

Erin_Andrew001_WEBThe thing I love about this job is that not only do we get to meet fabulous couples like Erin and Andrew, we often get to meet them in some of the most gorgeous places, such as this Pennsylvania park, at the most GORGEOUS times of the year! And THEN, we get to go through each images and re-live all that beauty… all over again!

Erin and Andrew were a perfect fit for this beautiful October weather! Their natural and easy-going love was contagious! Their happiness was the perfect compliment to all the warmth and light bursting through the October leaves! I am so glad Erin and Andrew were up for anything, because I think we might have hiked a half a mile just because of one red tree…

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Jessica & Chris | Buhl Park Engagement

Buhl Park Engagement photoWe were so excited about meeting these two at Buhl Park in Pennsylvania! Jess and Chris couldn’t have recommended a better spot!! Buhl park is FULL of awesome locations to shoot! And the weather (I know, I always talk about weather) was a clear, warm Autumn day! At a time of year when we have literally re-schedule engagement session up to FOUR TIMES just due to the weather… I felt like we had struck gold!

And you know what else is gold… Jessica and Chris. Seriously. They are the sweetest together! And as you can see, they make these pictures look GOOD! As we walked the grounds of the park, it was easy to see how much they…

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Rebecca & Steve | Peninsula Ohio Engagement

Peninsula Ohio Engagement photos Nestled along Ohio’s iconic Towpath Trail is the lovely village of Peninsula Ohio. There are so many quaint little shops, great food, as well as a charming train station, and all all within a few minutes walking distance! Of course, we were super thrilled when Rebecca and Steve expressed their desire to have their engagement pictures taken there! It was rather cool and overcast, but colorful backdrops abounded as we meandered through town and trails.

Rebecca and Steve’s story, from first message to ring, was evidence they couldn’t be more perfect for each other! They would say that God led them to one another and we’d have to agree! Their deep admiration…

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JoEllen & Matt | Beckwith Apple Orchard Engagement

JoEllen_Matt001_WEBThese two are just adorable together! We loved getting to know them a little more before their wedding next year!

At the beginning of their session, they admitted to me that they were slightly nervous! It’s extremely good for me to remember, that even though I photograph couples frequently, they aren’t used to being in front of a camera all the time! Part of photography is helping people relax in front of the camera. I tend to do this by talking. I figure, if they are listen to what I am saying, maybe they won’t be so nervous. For JoEllen and Matt, they were looking relaxed and natural in no time! It certainly wasn’t hard to see that they are very much in love. In fact, their…

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Amber & Nick | Hinckley Lake Engagement

Amber_Nick_002_WEBIt was so enjoyable getting acquainted with Amber and Nick, and their beautiful dog, Jubilee! Nathan often meets with clients, so I sometimes am meeting our couples during their engagement session for the first time. That’s just another reason I love getting together with each of our couples to take some portraits BEFORE the wedding, not only to meet them for the first time, but also to “break the ice” in what it’s like in front of our cameras. Plus, look how CUTE! These portraits are begging for a wall collage! Amber and Nick are making our blog look GOOD!

This time of year, the weather is always a little sketchy. We’ve already had…

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Amanda & Rick | Zoar Village Engagement

Amanda_Rick_000_WEBIf you’re looking for beautifully quaint location for a evening out, or a day trip to take in some historical landmarks, visit Zoar Village! it was the first time Nathan and I had ever been to this Germanic early American village. It was truly beautiful. For a history bough like me, I was in loving every minute of the old village, with its early American architecture and plaques of fascinating information everywhere!

We met Amanda and Rick at a fabulous local tavern that has been operating since 1909! Since the evening was gorgeous, we enjoyed a lovely alfresco dinner before the shoot. Over dinner, creative wedding details began to flow…

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Jennifer & Ryan | Brookside Farm Engagement

Jen_Ryan_Engaged003_WEBI love it when we meet a couple, and it’s like we’re old friends from the start! That’s how it was for our e-session with Jen and Ryan! They were so natural together as you can see in these photos! Both Jennifer and Ryan work in the healthcare industry and have soft spot for small canines!

We started shooting on the beautiful grounds of Brookside Farms to show off our couple’s fun and casual side. These included family portraits with the dogs, whom even posed for a few shots, adding lots of adorableness to our session! The combination of rural landscape, lovely couple and beautiful summer weather made for a perfect photo setting, but this was only the first half…

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Sarah & Brad | Ohio Farmstead Engagement

Country_Engagement_SB001_WEBRolling hills, endless fence-lines, and a century old barn, were the backdrops for our farmstead engagement session with Sarah and Brad.

This couple is laid-back, fun, and definitely in love! They balance and compliment one another well. Brad is a steady guy with outgoing personality and soft spot for his girl. Sarah is an expert in the world of horsemanship, with an adventurous side, but she couldn’t live without Brad! They call this rural community south of Youngstown, OH home. You can tell they aren’t afraid of hard work, and together they plan to carry that commitment into their own family…

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