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Danielle & Josh | Menning Photographic

Menning001_Opening2WEBDanielle and Josh of Menning Photographic are a talented wedding photography duo from east side of Ohio, but did we meet them in Ohio? No. Once upon a time… about a year ago, we drove all the way to Rome, Georgia for a retreat called CONNECT. We wrote all the details of that AWESOME event in another post, but in short, we rubbed shoulders with many like-minded creative professionals while being encouraged in our marriage! Since the retreat we’ve tried to keep in touch (or as much as wedding photographers can keep up during the busyness of “wedding season”). Even though we aren’t able to attend CONNECT this year, we highly recommend it! Danielle and Josh…

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Priscilla & Philip | Washington State Engagement

Priscilla_Philip000a_WEBOur Washington State engagement session with Priscilla and Philip almost didn’t happen! They were flying in and we were flying out, around the same time, and the possibility was slim! We literally said, “Well guys, we have just a hour of light left and we leave tomorrow! Want to squeeze it in?” They said, Yes! So we scrambled to get our gear, and they scrambles to get ready for their last-minute-but-totally-worth-it engagement session!

The sun decided to show up for our session! It had been (maybe) the third time we had seen the sun in the entire three weeks we were in Washington, so we were grateful! Have I told you before that we love sun?

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Favorite Engagement Pictures of 2013

Engagement PicturesYesterday we posted some of our favorite wedding pictures. Today, you get to see more gorgeous couples from our Favorite Engagement Pictures of 2013! We are so privileged to do what we do, and grateful to all our clients for trusting us with the honor of telling a piece of their love story.

One of the things we love most about engagement session is how casual it is. There is hardly ever any time constraints (in comparison to a wedding day) and everyone is generally relaxed and up for anything! White wedding dresses aren’t usually conducive to hiking a ridge for a photo with the view.

Most of our couples with spring engagement sessions, tied the knot before year’s end…

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Kaitlin & Evan | Rocky River Engagement

Kaitlin_Evan00_WEBRocky River Park has been a special place for Kaitlin and Evan. They often visit the park to relax, enjoy nature and each other, and with the autumn leaves at their peak, it was the perfect place for Nathan and I to meet them and photograph a piece of their love story together. The leaves were gorgeous, the light was gorgeous, and most of all, Kaitlin and Evan were gorgeous! They were so flexible and up for anything… we hiked and hiked to the top of the ridge looking for some aaamazing light! Sure enough, as the sun was setting, we were rewarded with warm light that encased them and made the yellow leaves just GLOW!…

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Christine & RJ | University Circle Engagement

University_Circle_Engagement00_WEBRJ met Christine for the first time at work. Christine was the company’s trainer and she was responsible for informing all the new employees (a.k.a RJ). They hit is off from the start and soon were dating. Before they new it, they were madly in love with each other and engaged!!!

I love stories like Christine and RJ’s because Nathan and I met in a similar fashion! Our first meeting was strictly work related. We were just living life, doing exactly what we were intended to so… and POOF, A fairytale happened, just like that! At least, that’s how I see it!…

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Rachel & Dan | Oberlin Engagement

Rachel-Dan002_WEBSo, I must say that Nathan and I completely love these two!!! Honestly, they are the sweetest most flexible people on EARTH! We are so grateful that we get to meet, hang out with, and get to know, awesome people like Rachel and Dan! They were so willing to go anywhere and try anything, even an early morning session! Who knew I would get to meet such wonderful people in this job!

With sketchy weather, and a road closure blocking the park where we were originally going to shoot, the day turned into, “make the best of it,” in spite of the changes in plans! I would say that the alternative park MUST be at least as good as the original (although, admittedly, I haven’t seen it still)…

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Abby & Matt | Engaged

Akron-EngagementWe met with Abby and Matt at one of our favorite caffeine retreats : Angel Falls Coffee in Akron. I tried the macadamia nut brew, and may I just say… it was divine! Abby described it as “Christmas in a cup!” I must acquire some of those beans for continued at-home enjoyment!

Meeting couples for engagement session always feel like double dates to me! I love them. Truly one of the highlights of my job!!! Abby and Matt were easy-going, fun companions, and because Matt’s a photographer, it was super cool talking camera lingo with him as we walked between locations. And isn’t Abby’s dress GORGEOUS! I may or may not have gone out and…

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Tawni & Derrick | Engaged

Westmister_Engagement00In the world of a photographer, lighting, angles and math are as much a part of his skill-set as artistic expression. Each time he uses his camera there are many adjustments to achieve the perfect balance of these elements in a photo.

When shooting outdoors (our favorite place), we are rewarded, on occasion, with a setting or lighting that just feels magical! Of course, this is not the time we turn our cameras to auto-mode and expect pumpkins will turn into carriages!

Photography still requires work, and planning to capture that magical feeling in any kind of weather…

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