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Hayley & Chris | Engaged

Cultural-Gardens-Engagement-00When Hayley e-mailed me about possibly doing their engagement photography at Cleveland’s Cultural Gardens along Martin Luther King Blvd, I immediately started “the search” for my favorite spot! After thoroughly inspecting all the amazing gardens, it became apparent that the Italian Cultural Garden was the winner!!! I was in love at first sight! The Italian Garden suited Hayley and Chris PERFECTLY! I am so glad we made time to do this shoot! After many attempts and scheduling difficulties, we finally made it happen. It was SO WORTH IT! Hayley and Chris made the Gardens look GOOD! We can’t wait for their elegant wedding this Saturday…

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Dani & Ryan | Engaged

Dani_Ryan-000I actually don’t remember when I first met Dani! Reaching back into the archives of my memory, I know we were both kids, our moms were friends, that eventually Dani and my sister Ashleigh would just click, and become best friends. That’s how long ago it was.

So, Dani is my sister’s best friend, partner-in-crime, confidant, and cheerleader… that is, until Ryan came along and quickly swept Dani off her feet! According to Dani, not only did they have much in common, but Ryan was “tall dark and handsome too!!!”

My sister and I couldn’t be happier that God brought Ryan and Dani together AND Nathan and I are super thrilled to be photographing their September 2013 wedding!

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Chelsea & Josh | Engaged

oardc-engagement-openingWe are so excited about this engagement session! Chelsea and I go way back! We’ve known each other for fifteen years!?! Wow. Time flies! We even spent a month traveling together to Israel and Jordan not too long ago! That was an experience of a lifetime. I dragged her into more than one risky scenarios. We survived, and shortly after that, I met Nathan, and here she is… engaged to her Prince Charming Josh, and I couldn’t be happier for her!

She wanted to have the pictures taken at the OARDC in Wooster. Okay, sure. I thought, I am sure we come up with SOMETHING to take pics with or near. WOW is all I have to say. I had NO IDEA these trees look like THIS the beginning of May…. wow.

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Megan & Todd | Engaged

Cleveland-Columbus-Wedding-Engagement-Photo-00It was much colder than we anticipated. The sky was clear and the sun was out, and there were even some trees in bloom… so we went for it! We met Megan and Todd at their apartment in Westlake and proceeded to drive around Bay Village stopping at several favorite locations to photograph these two beautiful people in love! Both Megan and I braved the cold without coats so the evening included a five minute warm-up-in-the-car session too!

I love that this fickle April weather doesn’t show itself in pictures. Megan and Todd were as easy-going and in love as ever and the pictures below only prove that! It is always so refreshing to be around another couple with that forever kind of love! SO

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Milly & Daniel | Engaged

Cleveland-Miami-Engagement00We like mountains.

We like vacations.

We like capturing stories of love in photos.

How wonderful it was to weave these three together at one time!

Wait a minute! Why, you ask, would we merge our holidays with “work?”

Well, for starters, engagement photos rarely feel like work…

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Best of the Knot!

Knot-Best-Of-WeddingsWhen I think back to the first time I ever picked up a professional camera and shot my first wedding I am brought back to that moment of flooding emotion: me knowing that I was meant to do this! At my first wedding, I shadowed the “primary” photographer who was a friend of mine. It wasn’t in the least bit intense. I wandered around, taking pictures of what intrigued me, loving every minute of being involved in the special day of such a beautiful couple! And most of all, watching keenly everything my photographer friend did… because some day, I would be doing it to.

Nathan also, loving that moment when he shot his first wedding for a friend of his. And then another, and another… until word got out – how good he was;

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Friday Q & A | Camera Shy

arms around herQ: I feel awkward/uncomfortable in front of a camera. Will you tell me what to do so I’ll relax during our photo session.

A: First, you are not the only one who feels camera shy. Most people feel some degree of pressure when they are in the spotlight. We all want to look our best in our photos, so here are a few tips to help you look and feel fabulous in front of the camera!

  1. Get plenty of sleep beforehand. Whether it’s your wedding day, or an hour long portrait session, you will look your best if you’re well rested.
  2. Think happy thoughts. During your session, think about things and people you love, or places that make…
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Favorite Candid Moments from 2012

01 ring bearer“Photojournalism” is a term you’ll hear often in the wedding photography world. It basically means that one tells the story with photos. While we do some posing and give direction in portrait sessions, we also want to you to re-live someone’s story as you look through our images.

We love catching candid moments! Nathan is an expert with his 70-200 telephoto. He’s always getting all the good stuff behind my shoulder.

Often the most memorable images aren’t the ones we pose or plan. Some of the best ones just happen and we are lucky enough to click the shutter at the same moment…

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Doug & Elise | Engaged

Cleveland-Wedding-Engagement-Photographers000We are SO EXCITED about Doug & Elise’s beautiful engagement pics! From the moment we met Elise, I knew we were the perfect fit! I love when our grooms are so involved in the photography-picking-process (and actually most of them are!) Doug helped narrow down photographers to a few of his favorites and Elise went from there! We are so glad we get to work with them this year. Doug & Elise are EVIDENTLY in love, can’t you see it?

We are so grateful to Elise for making the trip up from Columbus, waiting for us, and believing in us and our work enough to entrust the documentation of a very important day into our hands. And Doug, it was great to meet you and experience the giddy happiness that you and Elise share!

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