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Angela & Matt | Stambaugh Auditorium Wedding

Angela invited us to participate in this wonderful day nearly two years ago! Much anticipation had built in the waiting until this elegant Stambaugh Auditorium wedding. From dress to décor, every detail of the wedding was perfectly presented by a fantastic team of friends and professionals.

Last Fall we had the honor of photographing this beautiful couple’s engagement session. We hit it off with them from the start and created some intimate and dramatic images!

As you can tell by the pictures below, Angela and Matt couldn’t help but radiate. They are so sweet together! They looked great in front of a camera and made our job much easier! Without a doubt Angela and Matt are launching this life together with much support. It was beautiful to witness the love and friendship of so many family and friends!

We are so blessed to be able to do what we do, and there is nothing like a pilot and a designer getting married to…

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Sarah & Clint | St. Dominic’s and The Lake Club Wedding

Clint_Sarah_0001_WEBWhat crazy summer weather Ohio has brought us! I’m personally ready for Fall after all this heat and humidity, but I won’t ruin it for all you lovers-of-summer. Wonderful romance and wedding celebrations are a special part of summer at the The Lake Club (regardless of the temperature). Golf isn’t the only thing that happens there!

Sarah and Clint’s wedding day was perfectly lovely in every way! From little details to “I do’s,” it was a day to remember. We couldn’t help smiling as we witnessed vows, photographed celebration and heard memories shared!

Sarah’s family home was the place we started to document preparation for the big day. Dress, jewelry, shoes, invitations and rings are all here for you to see! A tear welled up in our bride’s beautiful eyes as she read a sweet note from her man, and we knew it was going to be an emotional wedding.

Both Nathan and I have many siblings, so we have a special place in our hearts for big families. When you have the kind of connection and love that Sarah and Clint’s families share, its a special day for all…

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Kristina & Ryan | Akron Private Estate and Sheraton Wedding

akron ohio weddingKristina and Ryan couldn’t have hand picked a more perfect day to have a wedding! Even though the ceremony and reception were inside, most of our portrait time was outside at Ryan’s family home in Akron.

The two lovers met in a fraternity house in Akron many years before they started dating. Kristina had always secretly like Ryan, and even though it took a while for Ryan to realized how much she liked him, he’s very glad today he finally caught on and asked her out.

Although the ceremony was beautiful and reception gorgeous, Kristina and Ryan’s family and friends are what made for one joyful celebration! We tried to capture a bit of that joy and beauty in these photos from the day.

The grand finale of the evening was a spectacular choreographed dance to “Hang on Sloopy;” one of the best executed dances we have ever seen! A surprise bit of entertainment for the guests with it’s fantastic dance moves…

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Micaela & David | Snohomish Washington Wedding

Micaela_David_001b_WEBWe love traveling out to Washington whenever we’re able, not only for our family ties, but to enjoy mountains, evergreens, and sea! Getting to shoot a Snohomish Washington wedding was an extra bonus! We turned it into a mini vacation and were able to reconnect with family and friends as well.

Long before David first inquired about our involvement in the wedding. We got to hear the story of how Micaela and David first met and eventually became engaged. Much prayer, patience and and getting acquainted with one another’s families had led to this wonderful day! We could see the excitement and anticipation of starting married life together and we were honored to be part of it!

Snohomish Washington is a beautiful place for a wedding! Micaela’s family home and property has special significance for several generations! The celebration was a family affair from early planning to final send-off. Everyone jumped in to lend a hand! The property was highlighted with elegant florals, lights and vintage accents…

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Paula & Trevor | The Wellington House Syracuse New York Wedding

Paula_Trevor_Blog000a_WEBRecently some of our posts have had a common theme of “friends that go way back.” It’s been so much fun to participate professionally in some of our friends’ celebrations! This wedding featuring The Wellington House, was no exception.

Long before Paula met the gent she would soon call her husband, she and I were co-workers. Paula is smart, inquisitive and a published writer. We both worked in email/web marketing, but by far, Paula was the more talented and most deserving of great things in life! Within her circle of friends we often wondered why she hadn’t been caught by some lucky guy long ago! It’s safe to say we were thrilled to hear the news that Trevor had made the big discovery; Paula was found!

After becoming better acquainted with Trevor during their Ohio engagement session we liked him right away! There was no doubt in our mind; they were a perfect match.

Besides a brisk October wind, the day was perfect! Paula was a gorgeous bride! She simply radiated…

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Krista & Mike |The Georgetown Youngstown Ohio Wedding

Millcreek Park The Georgetown Youngstown Ohio WeddingBefore we show you photos of a lovely reception at The Georgetown, we must go back a few months before the wedding…

The first time I had the honor of Krista and Mike in front of my camera was for their engagement session at The O’Neil House in Akron! They trusted us with location selection and it turned out to be a perfect match! And fine subjects they were indeed!

When the long awaited wedding day arrived in the flurry of activity, Krista looked at us and said, “whatever you guys want to do!” Both of them were so flexible and willing to do anything! Of course Millcreek Park was a great portrait choice on their part and we took full advantage of it’s gorgeous landscape!

Krista was a stunning bride (Mike looked alright too ;-)!  Her choice of purple hues decked the wedding party in a regal fashion. Every detail: from the beautiful home used for preparation, to the elegantly decorated reception hall, was perfectly arranged and coordinated…

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Ashley & Matt | Windows On the River Cleveland Wedding

Ashley_Matt_001_WEBAshley and I go waaay back! We first met as coworkers. Yes, back in the day, I worked at Kohls while getting my photography business off the ground and ready to go full time. Since our days at Kohls, Ashley moved away, I got married, and a couple years later, we met again at a wedding; Ashley was maid of honor and Nathan and I were photographing!

Fast forward a couple more years to last Fall, and we meet again! This time Ashley was in front of our camera for her engagement session (one of my all time favorites!) and now, Ashley a Matt’s gorgeous wedding at Windows on the River!

With a forecast of windy and rain, we were a bit concerned about limited outdoor photo options. Fortunately, the Cleveland library provided a perfect backdrop for Ashley and Matt’s formal portraits! I loved grand entrance and the massive staircases. Add the energy of a fun wedding party, and the resulting pictures are a beautiful mix of artful beauty and casual sophistication. The cityscape couldn’t have been more beautiful as the sun gave us a grand finale after the storm…

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Amanda & Jeff | Adventures on the Gorge Wedding

Amanda_Jeff_Blog001a_WEBAdventures on the Gorge was one of the most beautiful locations we have ever photographed a wedding! Nestled in the Smoky Mountains, and boasting breathtaking vistas, it was a perfect spot for a marriage celebration! We were so glad that Amanda and Jeff choose the same place he popped the question, to be the venue they would exchanged “I do’s.”

Amanda is a brilliant doctor who has a passion for people’s health and natural wellness. I first met her a few years ago when we each had booths at the county fair across the isle from one another. Along with her brother Tim, Amanda was promoting their new business, Whole Body Health; answering health related questions and giving massages. Nathan and I were at the fair to raise awareness for our then, newly rebranded studio. Amanda and I exchanged casual conversation and discussed each other’s passions.

Fast forward months later and Amanda (the photographer) needed some serious help from Amanda (the doctor). Five months pregnant with severe migraines, we went to Whole Body Health for treatment, thankfully to discover other long unidentified…

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Amber & Nick | Cuyahoga Falls Wedding

Amber_Nick_Blog000a_WEBAmber and Nick’s wedding day was exquisitely beautiful! Even the weather cooperated, with not a cloud in the sky as we drove up to the Sheraton in Cuyahoga Falls for what would be a most elegant wedding! Amber and Nick were very flexible when it came time for portraits! In spite of mid-day heat we were able to spend a good bit of time outside for some great portraits! Again, during dinner, we caught some sweet light, as horizon and sun kissed goodnight! It was magical, and we are so glad they wanted to take time, and a little walking, for those moments they will now have forever!

We all know how most brides take on a fair bit of the planning and detail execution, of which Amber did it quite well. However I was quite impressed how our groom lent a creative hand with a particular detail. An artist himself, Nick hand engraved leather knife sheaths for each of his groomsmen (see photo below)! Each and every gorgeous detail showed much thought and creativity by Amber and many others (scroll to the end of post for links to the talented team of florists and designers who helped make the day a reality). We love documenting days like this…

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Samantha & Brett | Holden Arboretum Wedding

Pine Ridge Country Club WeddingEvery wedding we photograph involves two beautiful people committing themselves to one another surrounded by family and friends. This alone is a special thing we get to observe nearly every weekend, but it was especially true of Samantha and Brett’s Pine Ridge Country Club wedding celebration! These two beautiful people meant a lot to a lot of people! It was truly a day set aside to celebrate, not only Samantha and Brett’s relationship, but their relationship with all of their family and friends too!

Samantha and Brett had been friends for awhile in school before it occurred to them, much later, that they were meant to be together. Their friendship over time grew, not just romantic, but also deeply secure, like two old souls together. Much the same as two wanderers who find their home in one another.

From the intimate ceremony at Holden Arboretum to the sparkler exit from Pine Ridge Country Club, I don’t think I once saw Sam’s face without a beaming smile! You can tell in every images, they are overjoyed to be together. This is something that we love to capture…

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