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Jenny & Adam | Assumption Hall Youngstown Ohio Wedding

Jenny_Adam_000a_blog_WEBOur friends Jenny and Adam just got married at Assumption Hall in Youngstown! Of course, we weren’t friends before we met to talk about photography…. but now we are. They were even so thoughtful to give our soon-to-arrive baby girl two of the cutest little outfits! You see, when we met met them in Cleveland last Fall for their engagement session, Amanda was 8 months pregnant! By the way, our little girl arrived early this year and we are adjusting well to a family of four. More on that another time!

Back to this celebration. The wedding was beautiful! Jenny rocked her J. Alexander gown! As it happened, Rain did decide to attend this party and wouldn’t leave! It drizzled all day, but our fabulous backup location, the Butler Art Museum, was probably the best choice! Those grand pillars make such a dramatic image and we love looking for creative ways to use them in a photo. The architecture was a perfect compliment to the romantic couple!

And then there were cookies. Cookies are a thing in Youngstown, and if you’re getting married, tables piled high with with cookies are the norm…

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JoEllen & Matt | Thorncreek Winery Aurora Ohio Wedding

Thorncreek Winery Aurora Ohio Wedding Ever since their beautiful engagement session at Beckwith’s Orchard last fall, we’ve looked forward to this wedding!

To say Matt chased JoEllen, would be both literal and metaphorically true. Signing up to run a half marathon together seems to me, the perfect test before a commitment of marriage! Not being quite as “into” such an endeavor as she, Matt committed to the race because it was important to JoEllen. A great way to develop a relationship, if you ask us! And it seems JoEllen thought so too.

Ceremony day was hot with a chance of thunderstorm, but no matter how humid it was, JoEllen and Matt both looked fabulous the entire day! It was more than the makeup and hair gel… it was how comfortable they were in each others arms. Their genuine smiles when they glanced each other’s way. Those moments of “coming home” to each other and finishing the engagement “race” together. This day was a celebration of all that, and the beginning of much more.

It was truly a beautifully perfect day for you both and we were honored…

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Allyse and Jon | Akron Ohio and Happy Days Lodge Wedding

Allyse_Jon_001_blog_WEBIf I were to describe Allyse and Jon in one word, it would be happiness! They were truly beaming whenever they were together! From the start of the day in Akron Ohio to the festive reception at Happy Days Lodge they were in each other’s arms! Weddings can be intense, but when you’re spending your day with a couple like Allyse and Jon, you can’t help but benefit by it! Even with the intense heat of the day, and humidity that seemed to be 150%, just being in Allyse and Jon’s company melted away any adversity!

In spite of the heat we were able to spend time outside getting some fabulous couple portraits and wedding party photos. We even grabbed a few sunset portraits before the day ended. Allyse and Jon were so easy to photograph and are a striking pair!

Muted pastels and gray looked fantastic on the wedding party! Shout-out to Amy at the Bouquet Studio who rocked the florals for the day! The Happy Days Lodge was truly transformed by the fine floral artistry (check out the photos below). We particularly liked the combination of orchid, roses, and peonies…

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Rachel & Jesse | Acacia Reservation Wedding

Acacia Reservation WeddingDocumenting more than one milestone event for the same family is an honor and high compliment to us as wedding photographers! We first met the Frey family when Nathan and I had the privilege of photographing Lisa and Sam’s wedding. Nearly three years later when Lisa’s sister Rachel began wedding planning, the photography decision was easy, “Nathan and Amanda!” We are so grateful for your loyalty, and for the many hundreds of beautiful images we have created with your family!

In keeping with Frey wedding tradition [wink] we had an overcast summer day.  This proved to be a perfect portrait backdrop! Dense fog provided a mysterious tone and made colors more vibrant and details POP in lovely elegance.

The Acacia Reservation is an oasis nestled among upscale Beachwood shopping centers. A beautiful venue for any occasion but ideal for a wedding. We loved the muted blush, cream, gray, and navy colors Rachel choose for her decor!

Rachel and Jesse, you both were…

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Jessica & Chris | Elegant Youngstown Ohio Wedding

Jessica_Chris_0001a_WEBUpon first meeting Jessica and Chris last summer, we quickly notice a special connection between this couple! We were struck by Jess and Chris’ affection for each other, and especially how excited Chris was about his Ohio wedding. We loved having a groom who was so involved in the planning of the big day!

Before long it was time for their Autumn engagement session and once again we got to witness this adorable love story!

Their wedding day was no different. Every detail was perfect! Jessica was a stunning bride! The celebration was a grand affair, from dramatic lighting and formal décor, to endless food and delightful desserts! Throughout the evening you could see that sweet bond that Jess and Chris share. Everyone enjoyed a fabulous night!

Life has a way of being crazy and unpredictable at times, but Jessica and Chris certainly have the beginnings of fairytale love story!

We wish you both all the best, Jessica and Chris! It was our privilege…

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Michelle and Mark | The Lake Club Wedding

Michelle_Mark001_WEBEver since she was young, Michelle knew that she wanted to have her wedding at The Lake Club of Ohio. Much time and many family memories rest in this world-class golf course, making it the natural choice for Michelle & Mark’s big celebration!

The autumn colors were ravishingly beautiful! We were so pleased to see leaves still gracing the trees as we scouted locations for portraits of our bride and groom. The grounds of The Lake Club did not disappoint as we found the perfect sun-lit hilltop and golden trees to surround Michelle and Mark. They looked breathtaking in the dreamy sunlight! We love it when are couples are up for portraits before the ceremony, ESPECIALLY when they plan an elegant evening wedding. There was so much more time, offering a relaxed pace for some especially great pictures, before the official “I dos.”

For being the last weekend in October, the weather was AMAZING! It couldn’t have been more perfect if Michelle and Mark had ordered it out of a catalog! Their evening, outdoor wedding was very elegantly finished with a grande finale of fireworks that went off the moment we heard…

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Jennifer & Ryan | Brookside Farm Wedding

Brookside Farm Wedding canton ohioWe knew we loved these two the minute we met them! They are so light-hearted and fun! We had a lot in common too, like our love for travel, and being ultra passionate about details … even to a fault. So naturally we were thrilled when they booked their beautiful Brookside Farm wedding with us!

Jennifer KNEW the minute she met Ryan, that he was the one! When Ryan finally came around, he decided they were meant to be together too! Thus it began, building a life together, planning this gorgeous wedding, and doting on their adorable little pooches! (whom we met during their engagement session this summer!)

Jennifer’s dress was simply stunning, and a perfect compliment to the autumn pallet of her wedding’s colors! Each detail showcased Jen’s style and was well worth all the time and effort she put into them. From a popcorn table and cigar bar to a huge selection of delicious home made deserts everything was perfect! Oh! And I must mention the chandeliers! *gush* how I love them! What an elegant and romantic to way to set the tone of the entire celebration…

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Tawni & Derrick | Stambaugh Auditorium Wedding

Stambaugh_Auditorium_Wedding000 Tawni and Derrick’s elegant black tie wedding at Stambaugh Auditorium was truly the “best party in town!” Every detail was flawlessly planned and pieced together by an amazing team of planners and designers! The end result was a true masterpiece, and perfect celebration of Tawni and Derrick’s future together!

Even more than the decor, close-knit family, and wonderful friends surrounding them, Tawni and Derrick’s love from its beginning, to this day, glowed as the true masterpiece, and it was easy to celebrate with them… their happiness was, and is, contagious.

I will never forget the day Nathan and I met Tawni and Derrick for the first time last summer. They were (are) ambitious and fun-loving, but also, easily adoring toward each other! Westminster campus turned out to be a perfect engagement session location for all the memories that place holds for them! We took our time taking pictures, and loved every location on the campus that Tawni and Derrick recommend!

As the story was told, our lovely couple was matched for a party date…

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Christine & RJ | Thorncreek Winery Wedding

Thorncreek Winery WeddingWe loved every minute of this beautiful wedding! Knowing the kind-hearted, talented team that Christine and RJ had brought together, only heightened our anticipation of this not-to-miss celebration! The day didn’t disappoint with perfect blue skies and cloudless sunshine! So bright it was that Christine took to carrying our white umbrella for some personal shade. There really wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

All the details merged perfectly thanks to RJ’s meticulous care of the schedule and excellent communication! We began getting-ready photos around the corner at the Bertram Inn and then made our way to ThornCreek for the first look and pictures before the ceremony began!

There were so many tears and laughter! At the first look RJ couldn’t help but shed a few at the sight of gorgeous Christine, and Christine teared up during the ceremony, causing my eyes to well-up and heavy sigh with a happy smile. Christine and RJ’s ceremony was every bit as moving as any that came from the bottom of two people’s hearts in love. With each vow, you could tell they were sealing their souls as one…

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Kaitlin & Evan | Cleveland Botanical Gardens Wedding

Cleveland_Botanical_Gardens_Wedding_0_WEB_ It seems like I start every post with a blurb on the weather, but it does have a huge impact on the mode of our photos, and we do indeed LOVE sunshine! So on with the weather report….

Nathan and I started our drive to the Cleveland Botanical gardens in overcast skies and rain. We hopefully explored the forecast hoping for some good news. There was a 50% chance of rain until 6pm, after that, 20% chance. Our couple, Kaitlin and Evan, had schedule ceremony for 6pm and all the pictures afterward! YES! Hopefully, with Nathan and I’s general good luck when it comes to weather, we won’t have any untimely downpour… now to pray for a little sun. We weren’t disappointed, the sun came out as if it was in the schedule!

Their ceremony was just as rich and sweet as their love. They praised each other’s souls and sensitive spirits in heartfelt, beautiful vows! It is always an honor for us to witness such vows, and be reminded of the ones we made to each other just a few years ago!

Kaitlin and Evan met in high-school, and have been together ever since. Kaitlin and Evan have the sweetest love for each other! They both respect and are…

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