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Melinda & Sean | Conrad Botzum Farm Wedding

Conrad-Botzum-Farm-Wedding-openingMelinda and Sean’s wedding day was one of the most gorgeous, sunny days we have yet to shoot this year! I was so happy for them, because it poured at the end of a very overcast engagement shoot! There’s it nothing wrong with overcast, however, I love me some sunny skies for a wedding!

I have had the privilege of shooting at Conrad Botzum Farm before, so it was with great anticipation that I look forward to shooting on the beautiful property again! I wasn’t disappointed! The land, the sun, and the personal details that Melinda and Sean curated, made for one of the most beautiful weddings and touching ceremonies!

It’s amazing to be involved in so many love stories! And Melinda and Sean’s love was that of kindred spirits, true best friends! It was clear that they didn’t take each other for granted, that they didn’t take their love for granted. Melinda and Sean’s relationship had been tested through many miles and five long years. They traveled back and forth, staying loyal to one another through thick-and-thin…

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Bekki & Gage | Lakeside Park Wedding

Lakeside_Wedding000_WEBWe awakened to a very gloomy, VERY rainy day the morning of Bekki and Gage’s wedding. With a venue like Lakeside Park, they had made the obvious choice to take most of the photography outdoors, but it was looking like plan-B was about to swing into action!

It’s weird. Optimism is not my strength normally, but on a wedding day, I’m always thinking how GREAT it’s going to be no matter what. Now I must say that rain shots are cool! Dramatic clouds and defused light can make a beautiful image! Nathan, the perpetual optimist wasn’t so sure the sun would even show up. “Common honey… it’s going to be greeeat!” I say in a high sing-song voice (which it also usually unlike me. Wedding days do this to me.)!

The rain did gradually let up. Just in time for Bekki and Gage’s first look the sun decided to show it’s beaming face!!! After starting in Westlake we drove to Lakeside Park in Lorain for more pictures and the BEACH!!! I love pictures on the water, and other than a little wind, the evening couldn’t have been more perfect!

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Danielle & Ryan | Lakeside Wedding

Dani_Ryan000Waiting is one of the hardest things to do, but the BEST is worth the wait!

While most single young people experiment with relationships, Danielle and Ryan individually chose to invest in developing their personal lives. Before they’d ever met, they where capitalizing on opportunities for education, community service, and preparation for one day meeting and marrying a life partner. They wholeheartedly believed that there was one special person waiting for them. While many friends tried to “set them up” with someone or “introduce” them to another, it wasn’t till about one year ago, a mutual friend said “you have to meet …” that Danielle met Ryan for the first time.

You might think that after years without dating or experimenting with relationships, this first meeting would be very odd or turn out badly, but it was God’s perfect timing and through the coming year they grew to love one another deeply!

Meeting Ryan in June for Danielle and Ryan engagement session confirmed in my mind that…

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Amanda & Marco | Succop Conservancy Wedding, Butler Pennsylvania

Amanda_Marco-openingA Skype call was our first meeting with Amanda and Marco one evening in May. They were planning their Pennsylvania wedding from Illinois and talking to their photographers from Ohio!!!

The wedding day forecast was scattered showers. Optimism was all we had as we pulled up to the Succop Conservancy in western Pennsylvania under a cloudy sky… but no rain yet!

All through portraits (and one of the most touching “first looks” I have ever captured), there wasn’t a drop of rain! It wasn’t until right before the ceremony that a light shower began to fall. Then, just like that, it stopped. The schedule was only delayed a short 15 minutes and then we continued like overcast sky was part of the plan! We love cloudy defused light!

Amanda and Marco’s wedding day was perfect, including the weather! This perfect wedding, so attentively organized by Amanda herself, was a day that I will remember enjoying for a long time. It’s such a blessing for me to be a part of special moments such as this…

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Elise & Doug | Married

Crystal-Brook-Farm000We met with Elise just a few weeks before her wedding to finalize details about her and Doug’s wedding day. I got excited all over again as Elise talked about her choice of dress, the J. Crew bridesmaid dresses, and the gorgeous florals from Heather Lily!

The day unfolded just as lovely as I anticipated with gorgeous light for portraits, and fabulously fun wedding party, and the perfect music for dancing at the reception! Elise wedding particularly shined in the little details! For example, her printed program had a realistic silhouette of the entire wedding party across the top!

St. Clare’s was the same location Elise’s parent’s tied the knot years ago, but thanks to Father Thomas Weber I’m betting there were a few more laughs this time around! While honoring the commitment of marriage Father Thomas successfully engaged and held the attention of all in one of the most enjoyable and humorous Catholic Weddings we have ever participated in!

The sun was just setting on Crystal Brook Farms as we finished up portraits… just in time for the party to start! Elise’s choice of music…

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Allissa & Mike | Married

Military_Wedding000I must start this post to say what an honor it was (and is) to photograph a wedding for a couple who is serving in our military!

When we photographed Allissa and Mike’s e-session last fall, there was no doubt that there was a special love story unfolding. We had a blast getting to know them and share in a small part of that story. Mike had just returned from deployment and wedding planning was under way!

Fast forward to this long awaited day! Excitement was high as we arrived in Beachwood, OH for bridal prep photos and then headed off to the beautiful Church of St Clare for the ceremony.

Allissa was simply perfect in her stunning gown as she floated down the aisle on her father’s arm! Before we knew it the ceremony was over and we were shooting portraits at John Carol University. From there we headed the village of Chagrin Falls for more photos.

Allissa and Mike’s wedding party was quite striking together in sharp dress uniforms and blue gowns! They were a fun group, quite willing to do anything we asked, even hiking down to the base of Chagrin falls for a photo!…

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Featured Album | Kaley & Zoran

Wedding_Album-openingOne of the highlights of doing wedding photography, is seeing the wedding day story come together in a beautifully bound, Fine Art Album!

Selecting each image, arranging it in an attractive layout and presenting the finished product to the couple is like the icing on a cake (butterceam icing in my case) :-).

Today’s feature is a classy 12×12 black leather, flush-mount album custom designed for Kaley and Zoran!

Kaley and Zoran’s Serbian Orthodox wedding day was chalk-full of celebration, dancing, food, and …

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Milly & Daniel | Married

Cleveland_Wedding_Photography00This is the first time we have ever posted a reception BEFORE a ceremony, because, well… that’s exactly how it happened! When my brother approached me with possible dates for his wedding, he was clear that we needed to be available Friday night AND Saturday morning!

Milly and Daniel planned a whole week of festivities and fun leading up to the big Friday evening party, complete with steak dinners, home-made pie, and square dancing! Friday couldn’t have been more fun and beautiful! The weather was perfect for a dinner in the woods and barn dancing as the sun set in the western sky.

If you’ve never had a chance to square or country line-dance you’ll have to give it a whirl (literally)! No prior experience is required with a band to keep you on rhythm and a caller so you know what to do next! As you’ll see in the photos, everyone has a blast and if nothing else, it’s a great workout!

A Saturday ceremony was the festival finale, and though it rained most…

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Hayley & Chris | Married

Welshfield_Inn_Wedding-000aLess than two weeks before their wedding, Nathan and I met Hayley and Chris at the Italian Cultural Gardens in Cleveland for an e-session. Watching them, and seeing Chris’s special admiration for Hayley, made me long to shoot their wedding… like – yesterday!

The nuptial day did finally arrive and we made our way to Burton, Ohio where Hayley and Chris’s elegant wedding and reception was to take place. Their wedding was gorgeous! Before we knew it, time had flown and we were done with getting ready and heading straight into the “I Do’s.”

Right before the ceremony, Hayley and Chris shared a brief moment holding hands, without seeing each other, around a door so that they could talk to each other. It was so precious! (We photographers are a bit spoiled with the wonderful moments we get to witness!!) Hayley starts to tear-up and says, “I have been fine all day, right up until this moment,” to this Chris responded, “really? I’ve been a wreck until right now, here with you.” It was just perfect.

We witness many couples exchange vows and it was quickly apparent…

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Jess & Tom | Married

Gervasi_Wedding0When Jess told me she booked her wedding at Gervasi, without even seeing the venue in person, I wasn’t surprised at all. Gervasi is one of those rare venues that kind of transports you to another country when you’re there. I could have sworn I was in Tuscany the entire day as we explored different places to photograph. It truly was a perfect place for Jess and Tom to get married!

Boasting a vast array of portrait backdrops, Gervasi felt like photographer-heaven! Not only was the landscape and Italian architecture gorgeous, but I think Jess must have sent the sunshine an wedding invitation too! We had umbrellas in our jeep juuuuust in case, but the day couldn’t have been more perfect. Warm July evening, with a lovely partly cloudy sky!

Jess and Tom were so relaxed and casual together in front of the camera. It almost seems like they’ve known each other long before their first meeting in college. They have a familiarity and comfortable, teasing kind of love as if they’ve known each other since childhood. We easily felt as if we fit right in with all the festivities of the day and I am so grateful to everyone for being willing to go anywhere for pictures!…

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